Various services to help women be the best version of themselves.

One-on-One Life Coaching for women

 This 8-session  4 month program helps women to realize their true self, their strengths and their values towards the realization of their goals and dreams. They learn techniques on how to have a better mindset and habits that will bring lasting positive changes to their lives, their love ones, their friends and the people they encounter everyday. They will learn the importance of self-love and how this can impact others. The end result is a better and more positive YOU!

Coaching for Women entrepreneurs and Executives

You’ve chosen a path that is not often traversed. You go girl! This is an exciting journey and can be very fulfilling, yet you can be faced with plenty of obstacles. Let me help you learn to have balance and be more effective!

This one-on-one coaching is tailored based on the individual’s goals and capacity. I offer 6, 8 or 10 sessions and together we will explore how you can be a successful entrepreneur and still be effective in other roles you play in life – being a mom, being a friend, being an colleague, being a wife, being a daughter, being a volunteer, etc.

Leadership Coaching

One-on-one Leadership Coaching is an 8-session 4 months program that will help leaders and emerging leaders to become more effective and inspiring. Individuals will learn the value of servant leadership and will learn how to harness their best qualities. They learn how to empower the people they lead and bring out the best in each individual. Research have shown that profits and productivity increase when leaders invest in learning to improve their effectiveness. A leader’s behaviour can either motivate or demotivate – which path will you choose?

Motivational Speaker

Need somebody to fire up positivity, resilience, grit, courage, faith and determination to a group of people? These are the qualities I possess and I harnessed from experience. I speak with authenticity and encouragement. I believe that each person possesses something good in them and oftentimes, they just need to hear the words from others to make them believe in themselves again. Allow me to be that person who will motivate, encourage and fire up positivity among the people at your company or events!