I can hear my coach tell me “TELL YOUR STORY”.

But how should I start? I’ve got a lot of stories to tell. Excitement starts to mount. Ideas came into my mind. And so, did fear.

What if my story is not compelling enough?

What if I don’t structure it well?

What if the audience don’t like it?

What if my grammar is not right?

Then these fears and doubts led me to procrastination. Procrastination led me to accomplishing nothing. And lack of accomplishment led me to realize that it’s not only me that I’m doing a disservice but also the people that can be inspired and motivated as a result of my work.

My last session with my coach, he advised me to make a schedule that will create a concrete picture of what I will be doing to push my coaching business into newer heights. I created a calendar and printed it off and now it’s on wall facing me as I’m writing this blog. The sight of it reinforces  my commitment. 

From this day forward, you will be seeing more from Coached By Joy. This is a restart of the same journey I started to embark a few months ago. Just like a road trip, we pause occasionally to rest, to eat, to stretch, to use the washrooms, to breathe some fresh air, to fuel up. And once we feel re-energized and ready, we continue the journey to reach our ultimate destination. I have taken a break, sought some inspiration, sought some advice, changed my mindset and now I’m doing another leg of this journey. 

Along the way, 

My hope is that I will develop a better and stronger mindset.

My hope is that I will develop new habits and attitudes that will propel me towards my vision.

My hope is that my fears will slowly fade and disappear.

My hope is that my stories will start to flow.

My hope is that I will inspire others to be better and to live life to the fullest.

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